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Yamaha Rolls 2017 MT Tour In Europe

The 2017 riding season has started, and Yamaha announced it’s getting too on the road again, traveling across Europe with the amazing MT Tour Experience. The interactive show gives riders the possibility to get up close and personal, taking a road test on the new models.
Whether you’re a novice rider, an experienced racer or a stunt maniac, the MT Tour has something for everyone. The MT-125 MT-03, MT-07, MT-07 Moto Cage, MT-09, and MT-10 machines have what it takes to bring the Dark Side of Japan to all levels of riding.

Yamaha will be joined by several other motorcycle-oriented companies to showcase their products. One of them is SHARK Helmets, which will present 10 different MT style helmet models. These will include the iconic DRAK helmet, perfect for the MT-09, and the SPARTAN, which better suits the MT-10 and MT-10SP.

The range will also include further selected styles, including the VANCORE, with an aggressive look and the SKWL, which is the first helmet with integrated LED lights. Test helmets of selected models will be available to add an extra element to the MT experience.

Another company present with the tour is Akrapovic, which will display the market leading exhaust systems for the Hyper Naked range, as well as accessorized units available for test on the day.

And since going on a ride with a plan is a good thing, TomTom will be there too. After collaborating with Yamaha recently to offer a special deal for MT-10 Tourer Edition customers, the company will now be on hand with its TomTom Rider 410 as well.

So, if you live in Europe and are ready to take the next step and rise your darkness, check out Yamaha’s Dark Side page or visit your local dealer for more information and test day register steps.